90s R’n’B, thumping kicks, gritty snares and a roaring club. Those are the key elements that Ticklish released with his long anticipated „Romantic Footwork“ EP on german high-profile label Live From Earth including a remix of Austrian man of the hour Yung Hurn. The EP is one in a string of releases celebrating covered and uncovered Hip Hop and R’n’B gems that gained worldwide support including the Soulection crew. Solidifying his sounds of eternal love filtered through Ticklish’s lush 808 beats and playful footwork rhythms, it brings back the relevance of the tracks… if they ever lost it. He creates atmospheric love songs with the right touch of energy, that work equally well in the bedroom as in the club. His sets can be described as bass-heavy yet soulful, eclectic but always focused on the dance floor. Ticklish also managed to establish his signature sound in original productions: Introduced on his Miscom EP (2013), he took it to the next level on his One Day EP in 2014 and his collaborative EP with B-Ju in 2015. 2016 he teamed up with Italian label Beat Machine Records for a 7“ vinyl release (incl. a Addison Groove Remix) and became a fixed member of the Live From Earth crew.