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Dear guests,

our main focus is – and has always been – first and foremost on ensuring your safety at our festivals and events, without exception. That is why we are in constant exchange with the relevant security authorities all year and deal intensively with all relevant topics: before, during and after an event. This includes not only bad weather and fire protection, but also possible attack scenarios and the possible site evacuations.

It is important that we all, each one of you and us, look after each other and be careful, attentive and helpful. This means that it is extremely important that you follow our security precautions, but also that you report situations that seem strange or dangerous to us.

We can all contribute to security together because together we are stronger! We ask that you take the time to read the safety regulations and instructions on our website or in the official app. Please do not hesitate to contact our team at any time in advance by e-mail or personally on the festival site. We thank you for your attention and look forward to celebrating an unforgettable weekend / event with you soon!

Your splash! team

Security information on the festival site

Evacuation of the site In the event of an (approaching) extreme weather situation, we reserve the right to evacuate the festival site or open later for security reasons.

Should such a situation arise, we ask you to:

-> Follow the instructions and information provided by the organizer or the police and helpers

-> Pay attention to your own safety, keep calm and act decisively

-> Take care of your fellow human beings and other festival goers: pay attention to each other and support each other

-> Find the next (emergency) exits, which are displayed by the security forces when the site is evacuated

-> Please get into your car immediately and wait for further information

-> Offers other festival visitors places in the car, should you still have some

-> If you don’t have a car, take shelter in the shuttle buses

-> Keep up to date on the information and social media channels, but also on the law enforcement officers

We often get the question why the campsite is a safer place in a storm than the festival site itself: usually there are much larger structures on the festival site, which can pose an additional risk in the event of a storm. In addition, there is a greater risk that lightning strikes the excavators in stages, large structures and in Ferropolis.

Safety information at the campsite

That we always can reach out to you in the event of an event (e.g. a storm) on the campsites, we use flags and sirens that will quickly draw your attention to important information. If you see a flag or you hear the siren, then get information as soon as possible via the channels you know (social media, splash! App, guards, camp neighbors).

– green flag + one minute, non-stop signal: all clear

– yellow flag: caution. Inform yourself and stay alerted

– red flag + one minute, swelling signal: Inform yourself & stay calm

– blue flag: the festival site is closed. watch out for new informations

Admission controls, backpacks & bags on the festival site

We reserve the right to carry out stricter security checks at the entrances to the campsites and the festival site.

There will be no backpack or bag ban on the festival site itself, but we would like to point out that taking bags and backpacks with you can lead to longer waiting times at the entrance.

Tip: In order to avoid long waiting times at the entrance to the festival site, we advise you to use the cloakroom or the lockers directly in front of the entrance to the festival site. You can reserve them here before the festival.

Only Bottles, drinking containers, tetra packs on the festival site closed and max. 1.5l tetra packs (with non-alcoholic drinks) allowed. Glass and PET bottles and other drinking containers will be taken from you at the entrance.

Dangerous items on the campsite

Please leave dangerous items such as car batteries, methylated spirits, barbecue briquettes, gas bottles (conventional camping stoves are allowed!), but also dry ice at home.

Otherwise, these items will be taken from you at the entrance to the campsite. Medical supplies for all medical emergencies that should occur on site, we have enough paramedics and doctors from the Red Cross in action. Please look out for the medical tents and for the corresponding signposting system and signs both on the festival site and on the campsites.

If you need help, contact the next guard / security personal! Please always keep the escape routes on the camping site clear for the Red Cross!

Medical emergency

In the event of a medical emergency, you have to call 112, or go to the next guard. If there is a medical emergency, the paramedics on the premises are alerted. If something seems strange to you, please do not hesitate to report it, even if you are not sure whether it is actually an emergency. If you call 112 or report something to the paramedics, then prepare yourself for the following questions:

o Where is the patient located?

o What happened?

o How many injuries?

o What injuries?

o Who reports

o Waiting for questions!

You can also help yourself without medical training:

1. Pay attention to your own safety before you help others. If there is no danger to you – first aid begins. Calm down – look after: Injured people are usually afraid and need the certainty that help is on the way.

2. Ask other people to support you and, if necessary, instruct the ambulance service – an ambulance or team of paramedics is on foot with you.

3. Establish a privacy screen so that the injured person does not feel watched by strangers. This is an important issue for many injuries.


As beautiful as campfire romance may be, open fires like campfires are prohibited on the entire festival site. A dry climate and flying sparks can cause fires very quickly.

1. If you notice open fires, such as campfires, please report this to the folders.

2. If there is a fire, please take care of your own safety first, keep calm and act decisively.

3. If you report a fire at 112 or at the files, please prepare yourself for the following questions:

• Where it burns?

• What is burning?

• Are there any injuries? If yes, how many?

• What injuries do those affected have?

• Who reports the fire?

• Waiting for questions!


Please only use the designated swimming areas for swimming. In an emergency, lifeguards will ensure your safety there. Bathing is prohibited in all other places.

And please note the following:

1. Do not go into the water drunk. Please take care of yourself, but also others!

2. In the event of storms and storms, please leave the water immediately or do not go into the lake at all.

3. Do not act with conventional shower gels and shampoos in the lake, as they are not biodegradable.



With a bright blue sky and sunshine, you can easily forget a few essential things:

1. Please always drink enough water to avoid dehydration of your body. Both during the day and at night. Free drinking water is available both at the campsite and on the festival site.

2. Use sunscreen properly, with a high sun protection factor.

3. If the sun is too intense, wear a sun hat or headgear and light clothing that covers the skin.


Rubber boots, rain jackets or ponchos belong in every festival bag.

Electricity and water don’t go together. Not even at a festival. So when it rains, make sure that you have no cables, sockets, etc. in rain puddles.

Storms & thunderstorms

Should a storm come up, the instructions of the organizer and the guards must be followed!

Visit a car in the event of a thunderstorm

Please go to your car or other protected area during a thunderstorm, because tents are not a safe place for thunderstorms. If you still have space in your car, also offer other visitors a place if you notice that they don’t have a car. In this case it is best to switch on the rear fog lamp. Please take care of each other and support each other!

No car with you?

If you came to the festival without a car, go to the bus stops: we offer shelter in our shuttle buses. Also keep an eye out for free spaces in other visitors’ cars and ask if you can go into the protective car.

Avoid trees and branches Please keep away from trees and forested areas: Lightning can strike trees, branches can break off, fall down and cause injuries.

Secure tents

When you leave your tents, always make sure that they are secured. This also applies to loose objects around the tent.

Avoid elevations, look for depressions in the ground

If you don’t make a safe shelter in time, e.g. To find in the car, consider the following:

1. Avoid elevations or the highest points in the area: Lightning always searches for the highest point in the area

2. If possible, look for a depression or depressions in the floor and crouch with your feet closed

Excavators and bodies on the site

Avoid the proximity to any structures, such as light poles, information towers etc. on the festival and camping site. Of course, we comply with all safety regulations and all bodies have been approved by the responsible authorities, but a residual risk always remains.

This also applies to large tents, in which we offer various services: in the event of storms and thunderstorms, we ask you to leave them immediately, especially since they are usually closed first.

Metal lines, fences, etc. Please avoid any form of metal lines and fences during thunderstorms.

We wish you a great festival with your friends and always remember: pay attention to yourself and others.

Be there for each other!

And if you are not sure or have any questions, please feel free to contact our law enforcement officers and helpers at any time. It’s better to ask too many questions than not enough.

Have fun, your splash! -Team