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As driving themes of our time and daily perception, these principles should not either be left at the festival entrance but help to make splash! even more enjoyable for everyone. That’s why we want to make your time as lasting and sustainable as possible.

We want to create a peaceful place without any discriminatory behavior where everybody simply can enjoy being themselves – without losing sight of the cooperation.

That’s why we created #fairopolis, a cross-festival adventure playground consisting of sustainability, awareness, workshops and many more surprises waiting for you. #fairopolis is not only about giving these topics even more attention but also giving each of you even more opportunities for your very own festival schedule: a brand new area at the camp-site, an awareness team, our infamous Green Camp, new food offers or cooperation with Foodsharing, GoEurope! or Goal Girls.


#fairopolis stands for:

Freedom, pleasure, self-determination, Diversity, Together, Equal rights, Boundlessness, consideration, creativity and wellbeing!


Noun [feər]: a large public event where goods are bought and sold, usually from tables that have been specially arranged for the events, and where there is often entertainment

In the heart oft he camp-site, [FAIR]OPOLIS is waiting for you guys. Our brand new gem for creativity, sustainability and considerate cooperation. An oasis for immersion, wellbeing and rest far away from the nocturnal festival madness with various program points, workshops, NGOs and, and, and.


Sustainability, environmental and climate protection are not just since the ‘Fridays For Future’ elementary issues of our time where each of us can contribute his small part. In the following, we would like to give you a few ways to make splash! a little more sustainable and beautiful. Not only for you, but also for your friends and all the people around you:


In our Green Camp in the heart of our ‘Camp1Love’ you can pitch your tents if you want to spend your festival without a high amount of waste. Expect cosy chill-out areas, joint activities such as barbecues and picnics, talks, eco-friendly composting toilets and an oasis of calm in the middle of the festival.

Thank you for your registrations, the Green Camp is fully booked! We also ask you to internalize the ‘Green Law’ before your visit:

Together: Pay attention not only to your neighbors but also to your environment. The Green Camp is a place to share, to exchange and to get to know each other.

Minimalism: Reuse is a matter of the heart in Green Camp. Please pack sustainable and according to the motto “less is more”.

Waste separation: The Green Camp has garbage pails for cardboard, plastic, metal, residual and organic waste, which are to be used.

Reuse: Anything that comes to the festival is also taken back.


Waste is not only not that cool during a festival, but especially when you guys are leaving the campgrounds. Be cool, do us a favour and simply do your part to a clean and sustainable festival. But Hey, to make it even easier, here’s what we have prepared for you guys:

Garbage deposit- & return: At the entrance, you will receive a voucher, with which you can claim your garbage deposit by handling us over a well-filled garbage bag. To make things even easier, we just extended the opening hours of the garbage stations. In addition, we have prepared a little surprise for you – keep your eyes open!

Recycling food with Foodsharing and the Wittenberger Tafel e.V.: Usable food leftovers are not meant fort he garbage! Feel free to handle your leftovers over to our friends at Foodsharing or Wittenberger Tafel, which in turn provide it to the needy.

Recycling Camping Equipment with Hermine & Utopia Camping: At Utopia Camping or Hermine you can not only repair or return your tents, but you can also rent upcycled tents for your weekend in Ferropolis. At Utopia Camping, you can also pre-order tents in advance.

Packing list: Before you leave to Ferropolis, think about what you need next to your favorite outfits and glittering salves. In this way, you not only minimize your expenses but also protect the environment at the same time.

Goldeimer: Even on the toilet, you can save garbage! That’s why our friends at Goldeimer will be back with eco-friendly composting toilets.


Music festivals have the carbon footprint of a small town. But almost half of the emissions are not generated locally but on your arrival and departure. We take care of the emission on site with our solar systems on the roof of the orangery. For the rest, it’s your turn: Look out for carpools via FahrFahrAway or arrive by bus or train. For that, we provide shuttle buses from the train stations of Wittenberg, Dessau and Gräfenhainichen and are offering bus trips from Germany.


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