🌳 Green Euro for the renaturation of Jösigk nature reserve 🦉

Most people already know The Green Euro.


The principle behind it is: 1 euro from each festival ticket is used to fund sustainability measures. The splash! team then doubles this amount again and half of the resulting budget will be used for the development of green infrastructures on the festival grounds, the other half will be donated to an NGO or initiative that the splash! team chooses each year.

This year, we decided to use the contributions from the Green Euro to support the Naturpark Dübner Heide e.V., which is committed to the renaturation of the Jösigk nature reserve. The nature reserve not far from our festival grounds in Ferropolis serves both as a habitat for numerous endangered species, but is also an effective carbon storage source, which means it provides valuable support for climate protection.

With the donations, the moor and its endangered and protected plant and animal species will be nurtured, the drainage of the area will be counteracted and an information and communication center for the area will be built.

These measures contribute to the protection of the moor and a positive microclimate in the region and preserve important habitats for animals and plants.



04–06.07.24 ferropolis