Applications for the SKiLLZ Newcomer Contest now open!

Fam - It's that time again: the splash! x SKiLLZ Newcomer Contest is entering the next stage.

After last year's successful contest, in which, believe it or not, almost 500,000 votes were cast for over 350 artists - WTF - we're going one better.

This year, in addition to the gig at splash!, you can win a few more goodies, which we will be releasing gradually.

This year there will be a Flinta* category that you can apply for. We made a conscious decision to create this category because the festival landscape is still very male-dominated. We want to actively address Flinta* people and motivate them to apply. As long as patriarchal structures dominate our society, we see it as necessary to take this step in order to create a balance and give everyone equal opportunities.

We have also taken your feedback from last year to heart and adapted the voting system. This year, the jury and community voting will take place simultaneously. The results will then be added together and the two winners will be determined.

As last year, you can apply from today until May 5 at with a 30-60 second live performance video.

⚠️ Any form of discrimination (sexism, racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism...) will not be tolerated and will lead to exclusion.

Be fair and respectful to each other - let's go!

PS: More information will follow after the application phase.


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