splash! 2025 - Ticket Update!

splash! Fam! Thank you so much for this incredible splash! weekend! 🫶

We are exhausted, happy and proud - but not idle.

We messed up and want to put things right: The simplification of the pricing for our parking and car/caravan tickets has gone badly wrong. We don't want to leave it like this.


The following adjustments will therefore take effect immediately:

🅿️ The parking ticket is available for €29.95.

🚌 The Car / Caravan ticket will again be available as an add-on, will only be purchased per vehicle, not per person and will cost €79.95 per vehicle. This is necessary to cover costs for space rental, logistics, security, etc.

Anyone who has already purchased tickets from one of the affected categories can easily cancel and replace them. Just send an e-mail with your already purchased ticket to ticketing@goodlive.ag.

We follow every discussion in our comment columns with interest and attention. It quickly becomes apparent that the topic of prices in particular is currently a major concern.

However, we have to ask for your understanding here:
The costs of organizing a festival like splash! are almost impossible to absorb in these times. Costs for production, fees, logistics, personnel and countless other areas have risen many times over in recent years. Inflation itself is almost just a drop in the ocean. 

Year after year, we work on a price structure that enables the lowest possible entry threshold - after all, splash! is for everyone.
For season 24, this resulted in a confusing jumble of different ticket categories and upgrades to enable all visitors to tailor their individual ticket as cost-effectively as possible.

This system was fair, but confusing for many. For the new season, it was therefore very important to us to simplify the ticket system and make it clearer.

However, charging everyone in the car camping area the same ticket price, regardless of whether they arrived with or without their own car, makes little sense. The idea was that it should only take one click to get the ticket you want without having to dig through add-ons.

We always strive to make splash! accessible to everyone, regardless of their bank balance, and to make sure you have as good a time as possible. For season 24, we have not increased the ticket price and have even lowered the beer price - despite record production costs. Unfortunately, we cannot bear additional costs such as the transaction fees for cashless top-ups for you and we certainly do not want to pass them on to every ticket price across the board.

We're sorry that our adjustments for 2025 were not on point - and we've now settled that.

Please never hesitate to let us know what you think. We are always grateful for clear words and will do our best to work with your feedback. Nevertheless, the logistical effort involved in a festival beer will never allow us to offer it at pub prices.

Ultimately, we are in the same boat. Keeping the prices low so that as many people as possible can enjoy unforgettable splash! memories is very important to us. Nevertheless, splash! must remain financially viable - and that's not easy at the moment. Nevertheless, you should of course only pay for car camping if you bring a car with you. We wanted to straighten that out very quickly.

Thank you for your feedback, understanding and this wonderful splash! edition

See you next year 🧡


03–05.07.2025 ferropolis