FAQ Cashless 2024


Load Your Cashless Balance in Advance and Skip the Wait at Top-Up Stations Onsite! 

► Visit: https://widget.weezevent.com/pay/317317/widgets/9f64ccb8-5593-4649-830d-e4377dfe032e/login and create your cashless account

► Enter your email address and click "Continue." 


► Fill in your first and last name, date of birth, email address, and create a password. 

► Accept the Terms and Conditions and click "Submit." 


► Enter the code you received from your ticket provider and click "Submit." 


► Choose an amount (e.g., €40.00) + "Top Up" to add money to your cashless account. 

► Tip: We recommend topping up online before the festival to avoid unnecessary waiting onsite! 


► Select a payment method and click "Pay." 


► The balance will be credited to your account and linked to your festival wristband at the entrance. 



We're excited to let you know that splash! Festival 2024 will be cashless! This means you won't be able to use cash or credit cards on-site. Instead, when you enter, you’ll exchange your ticket for a festival wristband with an RFID chip. This chip will be your digital wallet throughout the event. 

You can load money onto the chip before or during the festival, making it super easy to pay for stuff on the grounds. This way, you’ve got a hassle-free payment option and can keep track of all your transactions and spending. 

After the festival, you can get any leftover money refunded online. 

We suggest setting up a cashless account on our website before the event. It’s easy, convenient, and free, and lets you top up your balance in advance. 

Create your account here:  


This FAQ covers all the important stuff about the cashless system. If you’ve got more questions or need help, just contact us anytime! 

Got questions? Reach out to our support team: cashless@splash-festival.de


Here’s a quick overview for you: 

  • You can start topping up online from: June 24, 2024. 

  • Refunds for leftover balance start from: July 09, 2024. 

A small fee is charged for some transactions. This fee covers the costs of staff, transaction fees, help desk, online support and logistics. 

  • Top up your cashless account online: Free (There is a transaction fee for Paypal, which you can see in the TopUp menu)
  • Top up with a debit/credit card at an on-site self-service terminal: Free 
  • Topping up with cash: there is a fee of 1.50 euros per transaction 
  • Refund: a one-off amount of 0.50 euros with a minimum balance of 1 euro will be charged.

Nope, the whole festival is cashless. You can’t use cash or other payment methods (like debit/credit cards). Use the chip on your wristband for all payments at bars, food trucks, and other vendors. 


We’ve got a team experienced with cashless systems ready to help you out. 

  • Before and after the festival, email us at: cashless@splash-festival.de

  • On-site, head to the helpdesk for immediate assistance. The helpdesk hours will be posted there. You can find the helpdesk opposite the ticket tent. 


The chip on your wristband is your digital wallet at the festival. Here’s how to add money: 

  • Before the event online: 

Set up your cashless account ahead of time. It’s the easiest way to top up! We recommend using a credit card (for Paypal there will be a small transaction fee, which will be shown in the top-up menu.) Just enter your ticket's barcode number, choose the amount, and pay. When you arrive, you’ll get a wristband with a chip, and you’re good to go without waiting at a top-up station! 

  • During the event: 

If you haven’t registered online, no worries! After scanning your ticket at the entrance, you’ll get a wristband with a chip. You can load it at one of the many top-up stations on-site. 

  • Online during the event: 

Your chip has a QR code. Scan it with your phone to go to a payment page. Enter the amount and payment method, and boom! Your chip is topped up. Just make sure your phone has internet access. 


You don’t have to register your chip online, but we highly recommend it! It’s crucial if you lose your wristband or want to get your money back after the festival. 

Min/Max Top-Up Amounts: 

There’s no minimum amount you have to load. You can load up to €250,00 on your wristband. 


We accept Visa, MasterCard, and debit cards. You can use self-service stations on-site or your festival account. 


How to Get a Refund: 

You can get a refund for any leftover balance through your cashless account shortly after the festival. 

  • Keep your chip until you get your refund. 

  • After the festival, you’ll get an email that that states when the refunds are open. 

  • Log into your cashless account. Click "Withdraw" under "Transactions" to request a refund. 

  • It takes about 2 weeks to get your money back. 


There’s a small transaction fee for refunds. You can find all the details in the "General Info" section of this FAQ. 


Where to Get Your Festival RFID Wristband: 

At the wristband exchange tent. After scanning your ticket, your RFID chip will be activated. If you’ve already loaded money, it’s available right away and you can start enjoying the festival immediately. 

Lost or Non-Working Wristband? 

If you have any problems with your chip, head to the Cashless Help Desk ASAP. Our team will sort it out for you. If you’ve registered online, you can get your old chip blocked and transfer your balance to a new one. If not, you’ll need your festival ticket so we can find you in the system. 

Checking Your Balance and Transactions

You can check your balance at any bar or food stand right after you make a purchase. If you’ve registered a cashless account, you can also check your balance anytime on your phone. And of course, you can always check at the top-up stations. 

Transaction Problems? 

If there’s an issue with a charge or a mistake at a bar or food stand, ask the supervisor there. They can help fix the problem. 


Is It Safe? 

Absolutely! Weezevent is our partner and they handle the cashless system. They manage hundreds of events across Europe every year. Your money on the chip is totally safe, and Weezevent follows all legal regulations and privacy rules. 

More Info on Weezevent 

What About My Data? 

Every time you use the chip, the transactions are recorded. So, you won’t be completely anonymous. But don’t worry about your personal info – it stays private on your cashless account! 

We’re big on data security and follow all rules, including GDPR. We don’t share your data with partners or sponsors. 

Tracking Movements 

Nope, the chips don’t have GPS. They’re just for payments! 


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