Your first time at splash!

Your first time at splash! festival?

Welcome to the splash! Family! We can't wait to spend unforgettable moments with you between campsite and moshpit. Also known as the 'class reunion of the hip-hop scene', the splash! Festival is a unique short getaway with everything your heart desires.

In order to make your first splash! experience as relaxed as possible, we have put together a small guide with the most important information. 

Of course, you can also get more detailed information in the info and FAQ section on our website.



The first thing you need to do is to purchase the right ticket. Tickets are available exclusively in the ticket shop on our website. 

Your weekend ticket is the base.  

With this ticket you will have access to the camping site and the festival area for the whole festival weekend and you can visit the live program.  

In addition, there are various Ticket Upgrades and Add-Ons for Comfort Camping, Premium Access, Glamping as well as Parking Tickets, which you should book before the limited contingents are sold out. You can find out which Upgrades and Add-Ons are right for you with the help of this overview:

In the ticket store, you first buy your Weekend Ticket, and then the corresponding Upgrade and Add-Ons.

Your ticket will be validated after your arrival at splash! and exchanged for a festival wristband, which will serve as your ticket for the rest of your stay at the festival. 

Please note that both the tickets and the festival wristbands are personalized and therefore non-transferable.



Get the best overview and the latest information in our app. Download it before the festival and get familiar with its functions.  


Our entire festival is cashless, which means that your festival wristband serves not only as a festival ticket, but also as your means of payment.

You can top up your wristband with credit before the festival using your cashless account. There are also "top-up stations" on site where you can recharge the credit on your wristband.

All information about Cashless will soon be available on this website.


The timetable with detailed information about the shows, partner events and the supporting program will be announced shortly before the festival in the app, on Instagram and on our website.

You will always see the latest changes in the app. Here you can even create your own personal schedule with your favorite artists.  


To avoid any unpleasant surprises, check the weather forecast and pack weatherproof clothes, rain and sun protection.

Also plan your food for the weekend. There is no supermarket on the festival grounds. Drinks are available at the splash! Mini-Market at the camping site. On the festival grounds and at the camping site you can snack your way through a wide range of street food stands. There are also vegan and vegetarian offers.



With your festival ticket you can arrive from Wednesday, July 3, 2024 and settle in at the campsite already. The exact arrival time will be announced later. An earlier arrival is not possible, because the camping area is not accessible before.  

Ferropolis is located near Gräfenhainichen, about 20km away from Dessau and is easily accessible by public transport as well as by car or caravan.

We recommend you to travel by train or bus for several reasons: You will save extra costs for parking and avoid long traffic jams - the access roads to the festival area are usually very crowded at the beginning and end of the festival. Last but not least, traveling by public transport is much better for the environment and reduces your ecological footprint.  

Please plan some extra time for your arrival, to wait for the shuttle bus or the allocation of a parking space, to change your wristband and to navigate your way around the campsite.  

More detailed information on how to get there by car, public transport, shuttles & Co. You can find here soon.  

You have arrived at the campsite? Great! Now it's time to find a nice place to spend the night and get settled.


With the Weekend Ticket you will be accommodated in Camp purple, Camp blue or Camp yellow. If you have booked a Premium or Comfort Upgrade, you will stay at the Premium Campsite. Glamping in Cribs and Cabins will take place at splash! Ville.  

You are free to choose your camping spot, but there is a "first come, first served" principle for the most popular camping spots. Please only camp in the designated areas and always follow the instructions of the security staff.  

You will find toilets, drinking water stations and several shower containers throughout the campsite.


Don't fancy transporting your tent or don't have your own camping equipment?

Then simply rent a tent and various camping accessories from mein-zelt-steht-schon and even have it set up for you. This way, you can arrive without any stress and move straight into your pitched tent.

If you want to contribute to protecting the environment, you can also rent a tent and/or camping equipment such as camping mats or camping chairs from UTOPIA Camping, which recycles equipment and tents and thus contributes to reducing unnecessary camping waste.

You can find an overview of our additional services here.



From the camping ground to the festival area  

As you can see on the map, the camping area is separated from the festival area towards the main road. Between camping and festival area is a distance of about 15 to 20 minutes walking. 

There is a bus shuttle between the camping site and the festival area. All information about shuttle offers can be found here soon. 

Alternatively you can walk along the lake to the festival area in about 15 to 20 minutes.   


Over three days there will be a big and varied program on and around our stages, the camping site and our FAIRopolis Area.   

On the campground stages Radio Stage and FAIRopolis the program starts every day already in the morning. The festival area with the biggest stages opens in the afternoon. The program will last until the early morning hours.  

The site plan is already online, but will be updated until shortly before the festival.


And if that was all a bit much at once, we have something for you:   Your personal checklist, so you won't forget any important things.   


✅ Ticket purchased   

✅ Ticket Upgrade purchased

✅ Parking/Glamping Add-Ons booked  

✅ Subscribed to newsletter 

✅ Arrival planned  

✅ Splash! App downloaded  

✅ Cashless account created and topped up  

✅ Packing list completed  

✅ Food organized  

✅ Created own timetable


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