The splash! Festival attaches great importance to sustainability. For us, it's not just about creating great music and entertainment. We also want to have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Ecological responsibility

We strive to protect the environment and pay attention to the responsible use of resources. Sustainable decisions are the basis for our future viability. We are therefore open to new technologies and innovations in order to change and optimize processes.

Social responsibility

Diversity & Inclusion: At the splash! Festival, we celebrate diversity in all its facets by bringing together people from different backgrounds, cultures and identities. We take accessibility and the participation of every festival visitor into account from the very beginning.

Giving & Volunteering: We support you in getting socially involved and use our platform to make social projects and important causes visible.


By 2026, we have focused on pursuing the following goals:

  1. achieving a fossil-free energy supply for our festival.
  2. increase the recycling rate of our waste to at least 50%.

How we achieve these goals:


We optimize the efficiency of our energy supply through precise performance and energy measurements. We identify potential savings and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by increasing the use of alternative energy sources. Part of the electricity required for our festival is generated by the photovoltaic system in Ferropolis.

Travel & transport

As most of our festival's CO2e emissions are generated in the area of travel & transportation, we are working on a holistic design of mobility concepts for you. But we also want to improve in the area of logistics. That is why we are working together with research institutions to jointly develop future-oriented solutions.


In line with the concept of the circular economy, we strive to return all materials used to the cycle and minimize the use of new resources. Our partners support us in this: Trash Galore, Foodsharing, Utopia and eSKa. We also ask our brand partners to refrain from using plastic and packaging.

Food & Drinks

In collaboration with Gastrobüro, we are expanding our climate-friendly food offering. In 2023, 53% of the food sold was already vegetarian or vegan. We integrate regional suppliers where possible to further increase the sustainability of our catering. Find out more about Gastrobüro's sustainability here.


By continuously measuring and monitoring our CO2e emissions (Scope 1, Scope 2 and, to a large extent, Scope 3), we create a solid basis for identifying opportunities for improvement.

“The Green EURO”

When you buy your festival ticket, you will come across the "Green Euro". For every ticket sold, we set aside one euro for sustainable measures. We invest one part of this budget in green infrastructure and sustainable measures on the festival site, while the other part is donated to an NGO or initiative carefully selected by our team. In this way, we jointly set an example for environmental protection and social responsibility. In 2023, the green euro was invested as follows: 

  • Donations: splash! donated a portion to the Dübener Heide Nature Park. This is not far from the festival site. The donation will be used to finance measures to renaturalize the moors and preserve biodiversity.  
  • Festival site:

Carelessly throwing away cigarette butts in nature pollutes the environment and endangers the health of animals that can ingest the butts. For easy and fun cigarette butt disposal, we have installed ashtrays throughout the festival grounds and camping area. 

Using the CROWD IMPACT app, we conducted a visitor survey and determined and evaluated the arrival behavior of our audience. 

To clean Lake Gremmin after the festivals, we have financed a cleaning campaign with divers who collect waste from the water to preserve the intact ecosystem.  

Together with pupils from the Gesamtschule im Gartenreich (Oranienbaum Wörlitz), we sorted our waste in a waste analysis and determined which recyclable materials are contained in the waste and how high the recycling rate is. This will enable us to improve our waste concept even further. 

We also decided to invest part of the green euro in expanding the solar panels in Ferropolis so that we can gradually supply the splash! with more green electricity. (More on this soon). 


An important building block on the way to an even more sustainable splash! is the climate accounting of our festival. It helps us to find out in which areas emissions are generated during festival production and what CO2 footprint our activities have. Only when we know where the most emissions are generated can we take targeted measures to reduce them. You can access the detailed sustainability report here.


  1. use public transport or form car pools: 80-90% of emissions come from traveling to the festival. Every kilometer traveled by public transport helps!
  2. use reusable cups, cutlery and lunch boxes: reduce waste and help protect our environment.
  3. buy sustainable camping equipment: My tent is my castle: Many tents are left lying around after the festival after only a short period of use. Give your tent some attention, take it home with you and bring it back for the next festival season. Also easy: Rent a tent from our partner Utopia for the duration of splash!
  4. dispose of cigarette butts in the garbage can: use pocket ashtrays or our voting ashtrays to keep the environment clean.
  5. separate your waste: help ensure that recyclable materials are recycled. Receive bags from us for plastic packaging and residual waste.
  6. respect our Gremminer See: Do not use shampoos or shower gels in the water. Only apply sun cream after swimming.
  7. avoid peeing in the wild: Use the fixed and portable toilets on site, including our dry composting toilets.
  8. take part in Meat-free Friday: or give up meat completely during the festival weekend.
  9. buy only what you can consume: Take advantage of the numerous food and drink offers on the festival site and campsite.
  10. Save water: Keep your shower time short.
  11. Dispose of your chip: What do a broken toaster and the chips on your festival wristband have in common? Both are e-waste! The chip on your festival wristband is an electronic device that must be disposed of separately from the wristband and the seal at a recycling center or in a shop after the festival.
  12. discover NGOs and initiatives in the FAIRopolis Area: get involved through exciting workshops, talks or live podcasts.
  13. See something, say something: Report abusive behavior to the awareness team (you can recognize them by the pink safety vests) or security and ask for help. Inform everyone you are visiting the festival with about "Where to Panama?" at splash!, so everyone knows how to get help and we all look out for each other a little more <3. 

Thank you for being part of a sustainable splash


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