Which types of tickets will be available in 2024?

We want to make 2024 more flexible for you.
That's why there is a basic ticket, the Regular Festival Ticket.

With this ticket you have access to the camping site and the festival area for the whole festival weekend and you can visit the live program. 

In addition, there are different Add-Ons for Comfort Camping, Premium access, Glamping and Parking that you can book.

This way you can create your individual festival experience.

In the ticket store, you first buy your weekend ticket, and then the corresponding Add-Ons.

Which Add-Ons are available?

Important: All Add-Ons are only valid in combination with a Weekend Ticket.

You can book the following Add-Ons:


With this Add-On you enjoy the following advantages:

  • Camping on the Premium Camping Grounds
  • Admission via Fast Lane
  • Exclusive breakfast offer (costs added)
  • Sani Flat
  • Shuttle Flat


With this Add-On you enjoy in addition to all the benefits of the Comfort Add-On:

  • Access to the Premium Lounge & Grandstand on the festival grounds
  • 8 free drinks in the Premoum Lounge


If you arrive by car and decide against Car Camping, the Parking Add-On is obligatory for you. Since the Parking Add-On is often booked up early due to limited parking capacity available, you should book this Add-On as early as possible. 


In combination with your Weekend Ticket, you can use the Car Camping Add-On to camp in or next to your car in the car camping area.

If you have the Premium or Comfort Add-On and an additional Car Camping Add On, you camp in or next to your car on the Premium camping grounds.

This ticket is valid per car, not per person.


With this Add-On, you can park your caravan in the caravan camping area. With a Premium or Comfort Add-On, the Caravan Camping Add-On allows yout to take your caravan to the Premium camping site.

This ticket is valid per vehicle, not per person.

What additional ticket do I need, if I travel by car?

If you want camp without your car you won’t need an extra Car Camping or Parking Ticket.

If you want to park your car on our central Parking ground you will need a Parking Add On.


If you want to park your car next to your tent or if you have an RV you will need a Car Camping Add On or a Caravan Camping Add On. Size and Length of your Vehicle will decide whether you need a Car or Caravan Camping Ticket.


Car Camping:

✔️ price per vehicle

✔️ Camping at the car on Car Camping area

⚠️ Valid for 1 x car up to 2,3 t empty weight

⚠️ Valid only in combination with festival ticket


Caravan Camping:

✔️ Price per vehicle

✔️ entitles to parking at Caravan Camping

⚠️ valid for 1 x car from 2,3 t - 3,5 t empty weight and maximum length of 8 m

⚠️ valid only in combination with festival ticket

Are car/caravan camping Add Ons limited per person or per vehicle?

Car and Caravan Camping Add Ons are limited per Vehicle. If you are a group of 4 people who share one vehicle at the camping ground, you should hold 4x Weekend Tickets and 1x Car Camping Ticket.

Can I buy tickets on site?

There will be no cash register on site. Ticketsales will only be available online here. We advise you to buy tickets from home since we cannot guarantee a solid mobile data reception at the festival ground.


When can I travel to splash! festival?

The camping areas will open on Wednesday, July 03, 2024. The exact time will be announced. 

Of course you can also arrive later. All ticket holders are guaranteed a campsite, regardless of when you arrive in Ferropolis.

Please do not arrive earlier, as this can lead to traffic jams and delays the entrance.  

You can make yourself comfortable on the campsite after your arrival on Wednesday, before the shows of your favorite acts start on Thursday!

When do I leave splash! Festival on Sunday?

On Sunday, July 07, 2024 the campsite closes at 10:00 am. We ask you to leave the campesite until then. 


Can I get access to power/water for my caravan?

No we cannot supply power or water for your Caravan. Running water will be available at the water fountains and sanitary facilities.

Can I leave the camping ground with my vehicle at any time?

Basically, you can leave the camping ground anytime. Although entering and leaving the Car Camping Grounds is only possible once. Leaving the camping grounds with your vehicle will revoke your Car Camping Ticket Validity. The same rules apply to Caravan Camping.

Which beverage containers am I allowed to bring with me?

Glass containers are strictly prohibited on festival and camping grounds. You can only bring non-alcoholic beverages in 1,5l Tetra Pak containers or foldable drinking bottles to the festival grounds. Drinking water is available at the water fountains free of charge.

Is it allowed to have a barbecue?

Having a barbecue is only allowed on the camping grounds and only in designated containers. Bonfires are prohibited because of fire protection requirements. Depending on dry weather situations it can happen that we must prohibit barbecues temporarily to ensure no fires will break out.


Glass containers are strictly prohibited on festival and camping grounds. Except for certified built in Gas Installations in Caravans and Trailers. Also camping gas-cartridges up to 500g. Charcoal is allowed on the camping grounds and can be used for grilling. Please consider other festival guests in terms of smoke exposure though.


Should there be acute fire hazard please follow the instructions of our staff.


How do I get from the camping site to the festival area? 

As every year there will be a bus shuttle between the camping site and the festival area. Visitors with a Shuttle Flatrate ride on these shuttles for free. For visitors with a premium ticket, the premium shuttle is available. Alternatively, you can also reach the festival area by foot. The walk takes about 15 to 20 minutes and leads along the Gremminer See.


Is there anything to eat on the festival area? 

In the festival area you will find a variety of food and beverage stands. Here you can snack through different types of streetfood and will find something for every taste. Of course there are also vegan and vegetarian offers. The same goes for the camping site, of course. 

Is there a supermarket at splash!?

The closest supermarkets are in Gräfenhainichen, a three to four kilometer walk or shuttle ride from the campground. You can also get drinks at the splash! mini-market on the campsite.  


Why are my favorite acts playing at the same time? 

As with all festivals, clashes in the timetable cannot be avoided at splash!. This can be due to production reasons, but also to the tour routing of the artists, contractual conditions or safety aspects like the maximum capacity of the areas in front of the stages. If your two favorite acts are playing at the same time, you can of course switch between the shows at any time.  

Why are there breaks of different lengths between the shows? 

Depending on the size of the stage and the complexity of the concert production, extensive reconstruction measures are necessary between the shows, which take some time. This is the only way we can guarantee you the best possible stage and sound experience.

Why do you publish the timetable only shortly before the festival? 

A festival with over 140 program points is subject to a lot of planning factors, which can still shift until shortly before the event. Since we want to present you a timetable as reliable as possible, it will be published only a few weeks before splash! 

Why is my favorite act not playing at splash! this year? 

This can have various reasons, such as tour routing and thus the availability of your favorite acts. By the way, on Instagram we regularly start polls about which acts you would like to see at the next splash! and take your suggestions into account in the booking process. We also look forward to your input in our visitor survey after the festival! 

Will there be any cancellations of artists this year? 

Of course we hope not. However, cancellations are unfortunately beyond our control. We unfortunately can't exclude that artists can't come to splash! in time or not at all, e.g. because of health reasons or because flights are cancelled. However, as in every year, we will make every effort to find a worthy replacement, even in the case of last-minute cancellations. 


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